Never Ignore A Clicking Hard Drive

Using devices is such a breeze because it enables the user to do a lot of things. For those who have computers and an internet connection, they may feel the bliss of using such gadgets because they are indeed useful. However, it is not all the time they are able to function well and that is completely normal—they are still machines after all. One of those types of problems is having a clicking hard drive.

What Might Be The Problem?
When something about the machine is quite off and you know that it is not normal, it should never be avoided. In fact, always be curious and wonder if that is indeed normal because time can be such a heavy factor. It is better to fix the problem sooner than to just wait for it to stay that way—doing the latter may lead to even more problems. The reason of having a clicking hard drive may be a failure in the disk or the arm. What you can do is, if it is a secondary storage, detach first the SATA power cable. When there are no more clicking noises, then you are surely having problems with such storage. Another option is testing using the S.M.A.R.T. function for it to show the problem.

Another reason this happens is that the hard drive is already at the end of its life. Remember how long ago you have used the hard drive. If it is already long enough, then that shows that the hard drive already served its purpose. However, if it is quite short, there might a problem with its quality. Opt to purchase those great quality hard drives to avoid problems such as a clicking hard drive in the future.

The way to address this is to immediate back up the files. Do not wait for something to happen. Back it up immediately especially if the clicking noises are still occurring. There are two options in doing so—setting up a new drive or saving data on the cloud.

In setting up a new drive, this is not a very difficult task to do. The way to do so may vary depending on the type of software you use. Nonetheless, setting up a new drive is easier if it is a secondary storage. There is a software you can download to do the works.

For the other option, you can use the internet for storing your data for a while. Always check to ensure that the place you are putting data into is safe and that there is no problem in security.