Does File Recovery Software Really Work?

You might be wondering whether or not file recovery software really works. Well, with today’s new and improved technology, such software really works at times or at least most of the time. However, since nothing is perfect, no recovery software is also perfect. Chances of file recovery are low when a file or data has been overwritten partially or has been partly replaced with new file or information. However, if you have just deleted the file accidentally not too long a time, there is a high possibility of a successful file recovery.

What Happens Behind the Scene?
Here’s the thing. When a file is deleted on your computer or laptop, you will find it in the recycle bin since it automatically goes there. As you empty the recycle bin, you thought that the deleted files are now nearly impossible to be accessed anymore, thinking that when recycle bin is emptied, all deleted files are gone forever. But that’s wrong. It does not actually remove the deleted files.

The truth of the matter is when a file is deleted, your pc’s file system eliminates the path to access such deleted file but the elements that make up the file is still on your laptop or computer, stored, yet, hidden until new file or information replaces the old one. It basically writes over the name of the previous data. Some elements of the file may remain on the hard drive for many years but some others may be replaced or overwritten in a short period of time, probably within hours.

So while the files that have been deleted are inaccessible and can be possibly overwritten or replaced with new data, they can still be recovered with professional file recovery software. As it is known, recovery software is intended to recover the deleted, corrupted or even the inaccessible data from a storage device. The data from the deleted and corrupted files are being reviewed, scanned, identified, extracted and copied by the software and are put back together to provide a salvageable format.

One of the qualities of good and trusted recovery software is that it also recovers files from all kinds of storage media. It doesn’t matter what file structures are being used. It does not only recover files on the hard disk drive but it can also recover files from external hard drives, camera cards, CDs, DVDs and MP3 players, among others. Best data recovery applications provide easy file restoration. It can also recover emails, compressed and executable files.